Thursday, February 14, 2008

Beauty Picks for Valentines Day

NARS Arabesque Nail Polish (pink glitter in a sheer pink base) $16
This makes the prettiest polish for the toes! I love the sheer pink and the glitter is a larger round shape with ruffle cut edges.

This I did for Annie but I think it's fun. Chanel Black Satin topped with NARS Arabesque (sorry I'm not good at taking polish shots)

Philosophy Candy Hearts $25

I was given this as a Valentine's Day gift and it's too cute. The box even has the to and from like the candy heart boxes we used to pass out at school. Each tube has an appropriate label for the holiday and the flavors and texture of the lip shines are surprisingly really nice. Each is a light tint with a touch of sparkle! I love the Melon Daiquiri, the Vanilla Birthday Cake is yummy too and the Rasberry Sorbet is tasty as well!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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